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Welcome to Perth's Render and Plaster Repair Specialists

Render Plaster Repair Perth has been providing render and plaster repair services to homes and strata properties throughout the Perth metropolitan area for the last 15 years. Our services include professional rendering, plastering, and expert repair services. No job is too big or small, and we work hard to achieve great finishes for our clients, that will last. Quality, durable products are our mainstay, and we only use the best. We can come to you to provide advice on any plaster or render repair issue that you need resolved, and we can provide you with an obligation free quote.  

We cover all suburbs in and around Perth, from Joondalup to Mandurah, and guarantee to arrive on time when we make a time to quote or commence work. 

We also offer emergency advice if your job is urgent, contact Brian on 0413 770 758.

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I can come to your home or business to discuss your repair, advise you on the best solution and quality products, and will give you a quote on the spot.
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Our work

We are proud that the majority of our work comes from satisfied recommendations. At Render Plaster Repair, we take pride in our workmanship, and will respectfully leave your home clean and tidy.  All my employees are trained personally, to a high standard. Our aim is to to provide all our clients with an excellent  standard of workmanship, using quality products. We do the very best that can be achieved, and guarantee our results. 

Brian did a great job, its been 6 months since the work was completed and no cracks have reappeared on the render. Thanks Brian.
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Our work

We take care with every property that we work on, making sure that all your furniture, and floors are covered and protected during the process. This additional preparation takes a little bit of extra time, but we feel that it is worth doing properly, to stop dust and dirt affecting your home. We also like to keep a tidy site, making sure that when we leave, everything is neat and tidy, just the way you like it yourself.

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I work with the best quality materials available and provide a guarantee on all labor. I never compromise quality for time and give my clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives.

I strive for honest customer service, so contracts are only paid in full when the finished work is to your complete satisfaction.



About Me

Brian Baines, Business Owner

Welcome to Render Plaster Repairs!

I am a fully insured renderer and plasterer, with over 15 years experience in repairing render and plaster flaws and faults in the Perth metropolitan area. 

I only use products that will stand the test of time, and will take the time to  properly diagnose the cause of the issue, so that you can be sure of a lasting result.

Common issues that we resolve, can be fixed with know how, expert application, and the use of quality products that are guaranteed not to flake, crack or deteriorate in the future.



Read our news articles to find out more about common render and plaster issues, and how they can be resolved.

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Render and Plaster Repairs


Perth and surrounding areas encounter a variety of problems associated with internal and external rendering. In Canning Vale, Byford, Beeliar, Aubin Grove, Carramar, Darch and Two Rocks, where new buildings are going up, we find that ground work is causing movement of our soil and producing wall cracking.  Having very dry walls during the application of render, incorrect mixes of sand cement and lime, and inexperienced application can also cause minor and major cracking. Weather can also be a factor, as if it is too hot, the moisture in the render can dry too quickly, and if it is raining the cement in the render can be washed away.

To assist in the prevention of cracks in render, more extensive and solid land preparation may be part of the answer, and during the application, keeping walls wet with a fine mist from a garden hose, and mixing a quality product exactly as recommended by manufacturers. 

We encounter some repairs when the do it yourself application has been to a very low standard, this is why it is highly recommended that only an expert is used to apply render. We believe as tradesmen that do it yourself rendering does not give the finish that a professional can achieve, it has not got the finesse required, and also does not have the guarantee that experts can give. Your home is your investment, and the equity in your home will be boosted with a professional render finish.

When we apply the internal render for plaster application we have to rule it using special t bars to level and even the walls, and then allow the render to dry before applying plaster.

External render has a different application as it is not covered by plaster. After it is applied to the walls, we then rule it back level and back fill any imperfections, floating with a special tool to ensure it is completely level, finally wet sponging to bring out the grain, leaving a perfect sand looking finish.

In our experience and after years of correcting cracks and imperfections in render, and trialing different products, we now have a permanent repair solution that can be applied without the mess normally associated with repairs. These products are of a high standard, and only the best resins are used, because we refuse to compromise with cheaper imitation fillers.

We operate with very competitive prices.


Plastering is certainly an art form, we have witnessed countless number of times the results attempted by the home DIY!

The main reason that DIY work on plaster does not conform to professional standards, is the lack of knowledge in getting the correct consistency of lime putty, hard wall plaster and water. The correct professional application tools are essential, and the cheaper versions do not give the finesse of finish required.

We experience a great deal of internal wall web cracking with plaster. This is often caused by the render being applied with too much cement, or lime added, causing it to be non-porous, which stops the plaster from soaking in and drying in its usual time. Other problems can occur when the plaster mixture is not the consistency required, as  it can then weaken the product when applied. Sometimes during the polishing of the plaster, it’s also common that too much water is sprayed onto the wall, whereas a professional can recognise, and avoid all these problems.

These issues are not isolated in certain areas, they are Western Australia wide, and it is mostly due to the application of the products. Weather can be a factor - if it is too hot, the plaster dries too quickly in its containers, then applying it is not advisable as it is too dry for adherence. Rain and damp days do not usually affect applications, as plaster is normally applied in covered areas.

In the past, with most of these cases that we have seen, existing plaster would have to be removed, and new plaster applied, and this was an expensive operation.  It was advisable in occupied homes to cover all furniture and timber/vinyl floorings prior to commencing works, and in the case of carpeted floors, also often required carpet removal by experienced floor layers and then relaying of carpets.

The good news is that now there is a product called Mortafil that can be applied to the existing plaster it is a resin render compound, tinted to the colour of your choice. The product fills all web cracking with resin as it is applied, and the resin expands and retracts, thus not allowing cracks or new cracks to appear. This is a significantly cheaper and cleaner form of repair and finish, we still covering with plastic to protect your furniture, but there is a significant cost saving, with simply no need for the expense of carpet removal and relaying required.

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