Why we recommend Mortafil


Mortafil is a quality resin based render product. It is used to repair major cracks and fill in minor cracks, it is then coated on walls fully as a product with resin included it expands and retracts, repairing and preventing future cracking from appearing, it is tinted to a client’s own choice from the Solver range of paint colours.

It it is made and produced in West Australia, environmentally safe and nontoxic. It waterproofs the walls, as it has sealers combined within, it does not require painting for a proven 14 years, and it has an expected life of over 20 years. No maintenance is required in that time frame at all, with the exception of chipping by contact with heavy objects.


It cannot guarantee structural cracking, as no product on the market can, but it can assist in slowing down structural cracking.

As a repair product it is fantastic, as a tinted cover product (which is the core product refined down by alleviating some aggregate) it is second to none. As a product containing resin it does have a very slight sheen to it which is unavoidable.

Mortafil is currently only available from Bunnings in caulking guns, we use the refined product in bulk.


Mortafil and Unique Coating

  • Non Toxic
  • Waterproof
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Flexibility
  • 20 year coverage
  • Colour choices

Brian Baines