Render repairs

Render repairs are our specialty, we expertly diagnose the issue causing the need for repairs, resolve any issues, arrange any required preparation, and use a tintable quality render product with improved flexibility, designed to leave a flawless finish, and stop any future cracks from appearing. Read more detail about about our expertise with render repairs here.

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Rendering Wood fired ovens and Pizza ovens

We use only the best of renders to coat these areas, the product we use is Coastal Creme M4 mortar which we have found to be more hardy and durable for exteriors than most other mortar products.

Feature Walls

These walls are a singular wall which may be internal brick and require render /plaster covering, or alternatively they can be an external render wall which can be rendered to appear as a limestone random brick finish.

water feature wall.jpg

Retaining Walls

In some cases we have seen retaining walls that have been built without the internal area being waterproofed, which can cause issues later. We ensure when building retaining walls that all areas subject to water are waterproofed. After carefully waterproofing the retaining walls, we render to a perfect finish.  

Fences & Pillars

For fences and pillars we use Coastal Creme M4 mortar, as it is made specially to combat harder conditions and coastal weather. We also bead every edge and corner, so as to prevent chipping and damage from contact with objects.

Restoration and Face lifts

We can assist with your home restoration using our expertise.  We can address any internal web cracking, or external rendered wall.  We recommend a product called Mortafil, which is a quality resin based render product. It is used to repair major cracks and fill in minor cracks, and it is then coated on walls fully. As the product has resin included, it expands and retracts, repairing and preventing future cracking from appearing. It can be tinted to a client’s own choice from the Solver range of paint colours.

rendered wall

Mortafil is made and produced in West Australia, environmentally safe and nontoxic. It waterproofs the walls, as it has sealers combined within, it does not require painting for a proven 14 years, and it has an expected life of over 20 years. No maintenance is required in that time frame at all, with the exception of chipping by contact with heavy objects.

Read more about Mortafil in our blog



Transform the look of your home with corbling. We can apply corbling, a raised render effect, to add accents and features to your home frontage, or windows. It can be tinted to work in with your existing colour scheme, or provide a strong visual contrast. 



Plaster repairs

We repair plaster by way of removing the drummy loose plaster and replacing it with either new plaster or new plaster compound. Read more about our Plaster repairs here.

Ceiling and Cornice repairs and replacements

We can repair water damaged or flaking ceilings and re-plaster them to a perfect finish, restore plaster bands where they have become separated from the beams, and secure any twisted beam problems. To keep costs down we attempt to repair cornices back to their original profile, but if they are damaged beyond repair we replace them seeking the best advice from suppliers. When below cornices, cornice shears appear, we open, clean out any loose and drummy render/plaster, and backfill with a resin render and finish with plaster compound to emulate the original finish.

Indoor Walls and front facades

Due to ever changing problems associated with various reasons for web cracking and movement cracks, we use a resin based product made by a local supplier which is so flexible it eliminates cracks from reappearing. Using this product in conjunction with the company for over 14 years, we have proven it to last that length of time, with a life expectancy of 20 years plus. 

Replacing gyprock

We can replace damaged gyprock with ease, by cutting out the damaged area putting new gyprock in place and flushing to flat finish.

rendering plaster wall after.jpg

Rendering Fireplaces

Interior and exterior fireplaces can be upgraded and made in to a feature, using the durable Coastal Creme M4 mortar. 

Rendering Letterboxes and garden beds

Letterboxes and garden beds can also be rendered to the finish of your choice, to complement or contrast with the render of your home. 

rendered wall

Roof coatings (tinted to clients request)

After repairing any ridge capping issues, we coat the roofs in the refined form of the Mortafil product tinted to clients own request of colour, eliminating the need for painting. It has been proven at this stage to last 14 years, with a further expected outlook of over 20 years.

Ridge Cap repairs (using resin render)

Ridge caps can easily be repaired, without the need to remove the existing caps. The product that we use has been specifically designed to act as both as a filler and as a resin glue, which  holds loose capping together.

cottage after renovation.jpg

Garage floor coatings

Garage floors are coated with our reccomended Mortafil core product, and then a tinted and refined top coat is added according to the clients request, eliminating the need for painting.

Patio floor coatings

Patio floors are coated, then finished to perfection with a refined top coat which can be tinted to any Solver colour, without the need for an additional painting process.

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